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The genetic heritage of a Yarrawonga Santa Gertrudis is one that spans across 3 generations.

Since 1956, Yarrawonga Santa Gertrudis have used a variety of quality seed stock genetics across our herd.  

Be sure to check back soon as we share with you some of our stand out favourites with a trip down memory lane.

Yarrawonga Sire Archive

Yarrawonga Xmas

Collected the 1990 World Championship Trophy at the World Santa Gertrudis Congress, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Yarrawonga Corvette (P)

Yarrawonga Corvette (P) without doubt, the best bull that Yarrawonga has produced with many of his progeny retained within the herd. A moderate growth bull with exceptional weight for age. Sired by Waco Youthful (PS)

Yarrawonga Fixer (P)

Very successful show career locally, nationally and internationally. Sired by Yarrawonga Corvette (P).

Yarrawonga Floyd

Purchased in 2017, his sons have impressive fertility, temperament, growth and muscle. Sired by Waco Yale

Waco the Don (PP)

Purchased for his temperament and perfect sheath, great structure and breed characteristics, the fact he is PP is the cherry on top.

Yarrawonga Youtube (P)

Sired by Yarrawonga Ruthless

Yarrawonga Dodger (PP)

Sired by Dangarfield Tsunami

Yarrawonga Durable (P)

Sired by Yarrawonga Youtube

Yarrawonga Efficient (PP)

Sired by Dangarfield Barabarian

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